I don't really know how to start this so forgive me if it's a little bit rough. i figure it would make sense to start off by introducing myself 

1. I live in the Toronto.. well I actually the GTA; which stands for the 'Greater Toronto Area' because the city life isn't for me just yet, give it a couple years.

2. I'm studying fashion business and ya girl just finished her first year. 

3. All of the money I spend can either be found in my closet or in my tummy.. very problematic.

4. 95% of my closet is black, white and grey, which you will quickly notice in my future outfit posts.

5. I'm obsessed with the culture and style of the 90's. Naomi Campbell, TLC, Azzedine Ala├»a (his collections were genius, he was the king of body-con everything), Aaliyah,  the OG 90210... I'm in love.. with all of it.

We will definitely become more acquainted as time goes on, but we gotta start somewhere right ? Anyways, I hope that was corny enough for you.

I'm excited to use this as an outlet for fashion, lifestyle content and pretty much anything that crosses my mind that I feel is worth sharing.

I'll be back very soon with my first outfit post , so stay tuned ! 

**To avoid what I can already feel is on its way, my name is pronounced (bre-on-ah). 


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