Lately, I've found that I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting in my down time. I've been really conscious of my attitude and the attitudes of those around me  and I thought that it might be nice to share my thoughts and feelings on this topic with you guys.

Now, I can't stress enough, the importance of self-love, positivity and a sense of empowerment.

I find that it is so easy to for myself to dwell on negativity and focus on the faults in myself and others. There has been a time in all of our lives where we've looked at another girl that we maybe felt threatened by or whatever the situation may be and tried to find something that made them seem less perfect, we begin to search for flaws. Then we use these flaws to empower ourselves so that we feel as though we have an even playing field.

Now, let me explain why this is so problematic.

Focusing on the flaws in you see in yourself and others will prevent you from appreciating all of the positive things that are just as relevant and much more important.The more that you search for these things, the more that you will find, I promise. These negative vibes will eat away at you if you aren't careful and can not only effect the way you see yourself but also the way that you treat yourself, complete tasks and the way you connect with others. 

If your happiness, self-worth or sense of empowerment is solely based upon others and how you compare, you will never truly be satisfied with yourself. Self love and empowerment comes from being able to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are and what you have to offer. Being positive and loving who you are means that you will work hard and do whatever it is that is best for yourself because you know that you deserve it not because you feel the need to out do or compete with others.

This is going to sound like a huge cliche, but positivity and self-love come naturally when you are able to distance yourself from negativity. Now, don't get me wrong it is natural to feel bit down on yourself every now and then or a little bit pessimistic at times. The important thing is that you are able to uplift yourself instead of being stuck in your own negativity.

Instead of focusing on the negativity in any given situation (which you can find in just about anything if you look hard enough), it helps to stop for a minute and try to think of the good. I know you might be thinking, not all situations have a positive silver lining, but I like to think of every situation as a lesson. These lessons, even though they might be uncomfortable or even painful, make you who you are. They make you stronger. 

When you are confident and feel empowered, it is only natural for you to spread that confidence and feeling of empowerment. Let the achievements of others inspire you and allow your achievements to inspire others. 

I know it's a lot easier said than done because if anyone needs to hear these words of wisdom it's me but it is necessary to make the effort to see and experience a change. 

Self-reflection is the key to growth. 

I didn't intend for this to be such a long post but I kinda went into preacher mode(sorry!) anyways, I hope this post sparks some thought.

Talk to you guys soon *muah*


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