Happy 2017 lovelies!

Okay, I'm a little bit late (okay.. very late) and were coming to the end of February now but I feel like we are all finally settling into the new year. I know was gone for awhile but I'm sure that all of you college students understand that when school gets serious, it's no joke but trust me not having time to post was stressing me out. But that's all in the past and I'm feeling more inspired than ever, so stay tuned for new content coming soon. I don't want to sound annoying and cliche but I am making an extra effort this year to move forward and put everything into doing what I love and what makes me happy and I hope you all are planning to do the same! I also want to say Happy Black History Month to all of my beautiful people out there, we've reached the grand finale of our celebration but it doesn't have to stop here. Make 2017 yours. Be unapologetic, self-loving, confident and never stop working xx

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